• Regional Convenor Registration Information


Online OFSAA HUB Registration (Must be Completed for entry to OFSAA Regional Track & Field Meets Only and not Local Association Meets or the Association Championship)

School Athletic Leads (ex. Athletic Directors) must complete the registration process through the OFSAA HUB. Schools that fail to submit will not be permitted to compete at the appropriate OFSAA regional meet until all required documents have been received.  All forms with required signatures must be printed, scanned and uploaded to the HUB.

Note:  It is not necessary to register multiple times for each age (Novice, Junior & Senior) or gender (girls’ & boys’) classification.

One (1) registration per school is required.

As mandated by Rowan’s Law, every student-athlete, coach and trainer is required to confirm they have reviewed the Concussion Awareness Resource and OFSAA Concussion Code of Conduct. In order to participate in OFSAA Track & Field it is mandatory that a confirmation form for each participant be completed and submitted with registration.

Documents to be reviewed:

Mandatory Forms to be uploaded to the HUB:

  • Printed & Signed HUB Eligibility Roster (example) Note: you can scan multiple eligibility rosters into one file or create one (1) “Senior/Varsity Coed” for those athletes who have qualified.
  • OFSAA Rules of Behaviour Form [PDF]
  • Coach/Trainer Concussion Review Confirmation [PDF]
  • Student-Athlete/Parent Concussion Review Confirmation [PDF]
  • Participation Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk (Under 18) [PDF]
  • Adult Release of Liability (18+) [PDF]
    • (If no one is over the age of 18 and you do not need to upload this form)
  • Supervision Form [PDF] (Also require a Hard Copy to be brought by each association to the Regional Meet)

Regional Convenors are to couriered to the OFSAA Convenors at the following mailing adress:

Glebe Collegiate Institute

212 Glebe Ave.Ottawa, ON K1S 2C9

ATTN: Kirk Dillabaugh

Entry Fees

The entry fee is to be paid by each Regional Convenor for their Region with two separate cheques (one for Entry Fee and one for OFSAA Participation Fee). Cheques must be submitted for participation at the Regional meet.

Championship Fees Amount Cheque Made Payable To:
Individual Entry Fee
(per athlete, per event)
$ 10
Relay Entry Fee
(per team, per event)
$ 25
OFSAA Participant Fee
(Per Student-Athlete)
$3.00 OFSAA