Please click here for the Playing Regulations for OFSAA CO-EDUCATIONAL BADMINTON CHAMPIONSHIPS

Clarification for high school and open athletes in singles:

High School Division:
           i.   A badminton player who exclusively trains with and competes with/for their high school and does not train or compete with/for any other badminton
           ii.  A badminton player is eligible who ceased to train and compete with/for any badminton in the three (3) years prior to the beginning of the school year.
If the program(s) in question are simply recreational in nature (i.e. drop-in and play) type opportunities then the student could still qualify for the “high school” division. If the program(s) involves training or competition by a coach separate from the actual school program, then the student-athlete would be considered “open”.
Clarification for coaching during matches at OFSAA:
They are permitted to coach during the intervals, the timing is listed within the laws of the game:
15.2.1 not exceeding 60 seconds during each game when the leading score reaches 11 points; and
15.2.2 not exceeding 120 seconds between the first and second game, and between the second and third game shall be allowed in all matches.