• Registration is submitted online via the OFSAA HUB by the deadline of October 29, 2022 at 11:59p.m.
  • The following forms are signed by the appropriate people (i.e. players, managers, supervisors, coaching staff, administration) and uploaded to the OFSAA HUB as per the registration instructions:
      • Eligibility List
      • Team & Season Information Form
      • Rules of Behaviour
      • Rowan’s Law Student-Athlete/Parent Concussion Review Confirmation
      • Rowan’s Law Coach/Trainer Concussion Review Confirmation
      • Release of Liability
  • Hotel is booked
  • Record time and date and arrange to be present virtually at the coaches’ meeting (this event is mandatory)
  • Review the Playing Regulations prior to arrival
  • Ensure all clothing, bags or accessories with club, provincial or national logos on it are left at home (See Uniform Sponsorship Policy)
  • Team photo time is booked (if applicable)
  • Check the Championship/Festival website for souvenir clothing information and help students plan accordingly if they would like to purchase clothing
  • Cheques drawn up for:
      • Entry fee of $425 made out to Saltfleet District High School
      • OFSAA participant fee of $3 per student-athlete made out to OFSAA
      • Banquet fee of $35/person is made out to Saltfleet District High School

Note: All forms and policies can be found on the OFSAA website. All forms that need to be submitted with registration can be found directly on the OFSAA HUB when you register for the Championship. NO PAPER COPIES OF FORMS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE CHAMPIONSHIP. ALL FORMS ARE TO BE SUBMITTED BY THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE ON THE OFSAA HUB. The only items you will be bringing to the event are the cheques payable to the school and OFSAA