Please find the printable schedule here:

Directions to all sites can be found on the ‘Venues & Hotels’ page linked here:

A1) Holy Cross C.S.S. (1) B1) Bluevale C.I. (2) C1) South Huron D.H.S (3) D1) Bill Crothers S.S. (4)
A2) Appleby College (8) B2) Merivale H.S. (7) C2) Waterloo-Oxford D.S.S. (6) D2) Oakville Trafalgar H.S. (5)
A3) Brooklin H.S. B3) Haliburton Highlands S.S. C3) Clarkson S.S. D3) Birchmount Park C.I.
A4) Michael Power/St. Joseph B4) Craig Kielburger S.S. C4) Saltfleet District H.S. D4) Frontenac S.S.


THURSDAY, November 2 Bishop Reding Hayden Norton CKSS
8:30 am A1 vs  A4 A2 vs  A3 B1 vs B4 B2 vs B3
10:00 am C1 vs C4 C2 vs C3 D1 vs D4 D2 vs D3
12:30 pm B1 vs B3 B2 vs B4 A2 vs A4 A1 vs A3
2:00 pm D1 vs D3 D2 vs D4 C1 vs C3 C2 vs C4


FRIDAY, November 3 Bishop Reding Hayden Norton CKSS
8:30 am C3 vs C4 C1 vs C2 D1 vs D2 D3 vs D4
10:00 am A3 vs A4 A1 vs A2 B1 vs B2 B3 vs B4
12:30 pm QUARTER-FINALS 1st C vs 2nd D 1st D vs 2nd C
1st B vs 2nd A 1st A vs 2nd B


SATURDAY, November 4 CKSS Bishop Reding
8:30 am SEMI-FINALS Winner of Game Q1 vs. Winner of Game Q4 Winner of Game Q2 vs. Winner of Game Q3
12:00 pm BRONZE Bronze Medal Game (Loser of S1 vs. Loser of S2)  
2:00 pm FINAL Gold Medal Game (Winner of S1 vs. Winner of S2)