Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC)

Address: 1 Hospital Dr, Peterborough, ON K9J 7C6

Phone: (705) 743-2121



Emergency Action Plan

Contact Information

Emergency Phone Number 911 for all emergencies
Holy Cross CSS (705) 748-6664
Address of Holy Cross

*closest intersection Lansdowne and Clonsilla

1355 Lansdowne St W, 

Peterborough, ON 

K9J 7M3

Sir Sandford Fleming College Fields (705) 749-5530
Address of SSFC

*closest Intersection: Brealey Dr and Fleming College way

Address: 599 Brealey Dr, Peterborough, ON K9J 7B1
Address of Peterborough Regional Health Centre 1 Hospital Dr,

Peterborough, ON 

K9J 7C6

Charge person (option 1) HC-Syndey Holden (AT)

SSFC- Jay Martin (AT)

Charge person (option 2) HC – Margie Hickey

SSFC – Katie Clancy

Call person (option 1) HC Bond Bjorgan

SSFC Chris Paige

Roles and Responsibilities

Charge person: reduce the risk of further harm to the injured person by securing the area and sheltering the injured person from the elements, designate who is in charge of the other athletes, if nobody is available for this task, cease all activities and ensure that athletes are in a safe place, protect yourself (wear gloves if in contact with bodily fluid or blood), Assess ABCs (check that the airway is clear, breathing is present, a pulse is present, and there is no major bleeding), wait by the injured person until EMS and the injured person is transported, fill out an accident report form (OSBIE) 

Call Person: call for emergency help, provide all necessary information to dispatch (e.g. facility location, nature of the injury, description of first aid that has been done allergies and other medical problems for that athlete. Clear any traffic from the entrance/access road before the ambulance arrives. Wait by the driveway entrance to the facility to direct the ambulance when it arrives. Call the emergency contact person listed on the injured person’s medical profile.