Questions or concerns? Email [email protected] for A/AA or [email protected] for AAA



  • Registration is submitted online via the OFSAA HUB by the deadline of DATE/TIME May 30 11:59pm  (ensure that registration does not exceed participant limit set out in playing regulations 30)
  • The following forms are signed by the appropriate people (i.e. players, managers, supervisors, coaching staff, administration) and uploaded to the OFSAA HUB as per the registration instructions:
    • Rules of Behaviour
    • Eligibility List
    • OFSAA Supervision
    • Rowan’s Law Student-Athlete/Parent Concussion Review Confirmation
    • Rowan’s Law Coach/Trainer Concussion Review Confirmation
    • Season results and ranking – the excel sheet does not do a good job of recording your rationale feel free to send it separately
  • Rules of Behaviour form is signed by all players, managers, supervisors and coaching staff then uploaded as per the registration instructions
  • Release of Liability Waiver form is signed by participant and parent/guardian (only required for rugby, wrestling, skiing, football, lacrosse, hockey and gymnastics).
  • Hotel is booked-accommodations are listed on the website
  • Record time and date and arrange to be present virtually at the coaches’ meeting (this event is mandatory) June 1 6:30  zoom link will be emailed. 
  • Review the Playing Regulations prior to arrival
  • Team photo time is booked 
  • Canuck stuff will be on site and at banquet to sell clothing
  • Cheques drawn up for: 
  • Entry fee of $ 450 made out to Cheque Written To Holy Cross CSS for A/AA and Thomas A Stewart for AAA
  • OFSAA participant fee of $3 per player made out to OFSAA
  • Banquet fee of $35 per person on your rules of behaviour sheet minus the principal unless they are attending; Cheque Written To Holy Cross CSS or A/AA and Thomas A Stewart for AAA THE BANQUET IS MANDATORY


Important Links:

If you are having trouble finding information, forms, etc. please go to and find your specific championship. The next page includes some important links specific to the Boys’/Girls’ A/AA/AAA Sport Championship.

Forms (Rules of Behaviour, Concussion, Liability Waiver): Click here

Accommodations: Click here

Coaches Meeting: Click Here

Playing Regulations: Click here

Team Photo: Will be updated once teams are seeded

Clothing: waiting on Canuck stuff to send PDF