There are many steps to organizing a team to attend the OFSAA Nordic Skiing Championship. Our comprehensive 2024 Checklist for Coaches offers a printable guide with a suggested timeline and details on the following key steps:

  1. Book Hotels
  2. Book Transportation
  3. Check Eligibility
  4. Check Divisions
  5. Print OFSAA Forms
  6. Discuss OFSAA Expectations
  7. Hold 12 Practices
  8. Attend 2 Races
  9. Gather Signatures from parents, athletes, coaches, chaperones, ADs & principals
  10. Qualify Individuals & Teams
  11. Upload OFSAA Forms
  12. Plan Meals
  13. Plan Ski Waxing
  14. Plan for Emergencies
  15. Distribute Event Details
  16. Register Online for Races and Banquet
  17. Requisition 4 Cheques
  18. Attend Team Check-in
  19. Attend Coaches’ Meeting (initially the printed checklist showed the wrong date)
  20. Optionally Apply for OFSAA Travel Grant
  21. Optionally Order OFSAA Pins
  22. Optionally Nominate someone for the OFSAA Leadership in School Sport Award