All Association Registration to be done by email

All OFSAA Participation Registration to be done online by way of the OFSAA HUB

All Championship Race Entry & Banquet Registration to be done online by way of ZONE4

The only registration items you should bring on-site to the event are the 4 required cheques

Championship Fees

Fee Category Amount Cheque Made Payable To:
OFSAA Participation Fee $ 3 / athlete OFSAA
Championship Race Entry Fee $ 28 / athlete Lakefield College School
Championship Award Banquet Fee $ 25 / person Lakefield College School
OFSAA Bib Deposit Fee $ 50 / school OFSAA (as a separate cheque so it can be returned or destroyed)

Important notes on fees:

  • Each school must bring 4 cheques — one for the Bib Deposit, one for the total of all OFSAA Participation fees, one for the total of all Championship Race Entry fees, and one for the total of all Award Banquet fees.
  • All team members are required to attend the championship award banquet

Championship Registration is a four-step process:

  1. Each association Nordic Convenor submits the completed “Association Convenor Registration Form” by email
  2. Each school Athletic Director scans and submits signed OFSAA forms to the OFSAA HUB
  3. Each school Head Coach registers teams and individuals for the banquet & racing online via
  4. Each school checks-in at the Championship event and submits 4 cheques covering all fees

See below for details on each of these 4 steps.

The 2023 Checklist for Coaches gives greater detail for the entire process in a printable form, including tasks to be completed at the start of the Nordic season or earlier.

The OFSAA HUB details page gives more guidelines on using the OFSAA HUB to register for this event.

Step 1 for Association Convenors due 24h after your Association Championship

Email the following completed form to [email protected]

  1. OFSAA Association Convenor Registration Form
    • Ensure your Association Championship results include Gender (Male/Female), Classification (Junior/Senior), and Division (Open/High-School trained)
    • Download and complete the form based on the results of your Association Championship and with the help of your teacher-coaches
    • The form is a fillable PDF which can be completed and saved electronically, or printed for completion by hand and then scanned for submission
    • Check your submission against the latest Nordic Playing Regulations with respect to eligibility, entries, team make-up, and additional entry requests
    • Optionally include a link to your Association Championship results, or attach them to the email

Step 2 for Athletic Directors due by midnight Friday 17 Feb 2023

Download, complete, sign, scan and upload the following forms to the OFSAA HUB:

  1. OFSAA Team Roster (1 Senior Coed roster per school)
    • this form is first created in the OFSAA HUB and then downloaded for signing
    • creating just 1 Senior Coed team with all athletes will save you time and not effect race entry registration
  2. OFSAA Rules of Behaviour form (1 per school, plus more if needed)
  3. OFSAA Supervision Form (1 per school, plus more if needed)
  4. OFSAA Concussion Review form (1 per athlete)
  5. OFSAA Concussion Review form for Coaches/Trainers (1 per coach)
  6. OFSAA Participation Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk (1 per athlete under the age of 18)
  7. OFSAA Adult Athlete Release of Liability (1 per athlete aged 18 or older)

Notes on forms and uploading documents to the OFSAA HUB:

Step 3 for Coaches due by midnight Friday 17 Feb 2023

Register your athletes, coaches, chaperones, and schools online via Zone4 for racing and the banquet.

  1. Register online at
    • Each school should submit 1 registration via Zone4 that includes all athletes and adults that will be attending OFSAA
    • Be sure you know which adults will be attending the banquet in addition to your athletes
    • All athletes that are members of a team, must attend the banquet, and all other athletes are encouraged to attend
    • All athletes attending the banquet must be accompanied by one or more supervising adults
    • Ensure you know the correct Gender (Male/Female), Classification (Junior/Senior), Division (Open/High-School trained), Qualification (Team/Individual), and spelling of the name for each athlete entered
    • All details (name, gender, classification, division, qualification) must match across your Association Championship results, your Association Convenor Registration form, and all OFSAA paperwork submitted via the OFSAA HUB
    • All adults attending OFSAA in support of your school must also be listed on the appropriate forms uploaded to the OFSAA HUB
    • Zone4 registration will also require each athlete’s Start Order Group as per the OFSAA Nordic Skiing Playing Regulations:
      • Athletes must be registered in one of five start order groups for the Individual Distance event, where start order group one (1) will start first and start order group five (5) will start last.
      • Each member of a qualifying team (4 or 5 skiers) must be entered in a separate start order group. (Coaches MUST NOT enter any two skiers from the same team in the same start order group.)
      • Schools with more than one qualifying team must enter each team separately. For example an “A” and “B” team from the same school must be entered as above.
      • Athletes who are not members of a team may be entered in any of the start order groups.
      • Within each of the five start order groups a full random draw will be used.
      • There is no requirement or expectation that athletes of a particular ability be placed in certain start order groups.

Step 4 for Coaches & Teams on 22 Feb 2023

Check-in Wednesday 22 Feb 2023 noon–6pm at Lakefield College School

  1. Bring 4 cheques as follows
    1. Bib Deposit, $50 payable to OFSAA
    2. total of all OFSAA Participation fees, $3/athlete payable to OFSAA
    3. total of all Championship Race Entry fees, $28/athlete payable to Lakefield College School
    4. total of all Award Banquet fees, $25/person payable to Lakefield College School
  2. Pick-up your distance event athlete race bibs
  3. Pre-ski the OFSAA courses

Other Forms

The following offer additional details on policies, reports for injuries or protests, plus applications for awards and grants: