OFSAA Snowboard Registration Instructions:

Teacher-Coaches and/or Athletic Directors complete all OFSAA paperwork for the OFSAA Snowboarding Festival. If you are not familiar with the new OFSAA HUB system, please ask the Athletic Director or designate at your school to assist.  Ensure you read through the following requirements for forms and fees.


A. Checklist of Forms & Payment

  • Print and complete the following OFSAA Snowboarding 2024:Checklist of Forms & Payment for Coaches and bring to registration to ensure you have completed EVERYTHING PROPERLY.
  • OFSAA Snowboard Registration Fees: Each school will be responsible for submitting hard copies of specific forms, the event fee (race fee, lift ticket fee, lunch fee), and bib deposit at Race Registration on Wed. Feb. 28, 2024) (7:45am-9:00am)

Important Notes:

* if a racer has a pass or reciprocal ticket; they must go to ticket booth to pick up their lift ticket
* each school will receive 1 complimentary lift ticket for a preregistered designated teacher-coach
* additional coaches or student recreational lift tickets can be purchased at registration:  $47 (tax included)
* note: any race day scratches will be still be charged the race fee
* ensure proper paper forms and payment (2 school cheques) are brought to registration to ensure quick registration (forms & payment = race bibs and lift tickets, lunch wristband)

B. Lunch

C. Online OFSAA HUB Registration –DUE FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2024 BY 4PM


 Complete & upload the following mandatory forms through the OFSAA HUB:

  1. Printed & Signed HUB Eligibility Roster (example)
  2. Student – Waiver of Understanding (One form per student. All forms should be scanned into one file)
  3. Coach – Confirmation and Release (One form per coach. All forms should be scanned into one file)
  4. OFSAA Supervision Form (one form per school)

D. Hard Copy / Paper Copy (to be submitted in person) at Registration on Wed. Feb. 28, 2024:

  1. OFSAA Snowboarding Registration Checklist and Payment- ONE PER SCHOOL (coming soon!)
  2. Devil’s Glen Participant Waiver (one per athlete / coach)
  3.  OBSIE Waiver (one per athlete):

E.  Other:  Forms to be distributed to Student – Athletes

NOTE: THESE FORMS DO NOT NEED TO BE UPLOADED (it is recommended that the completed forms are collected by coaches)

ROWANS LAW: As mandated by Rowan’s Law, every student-athlete, coach and trainer is required to confirm they have reviewed the Concussion Awareness Resource and the OFSAA Concussion Code of Conduct.  In order to participate in this event it is mandatory that a confirmation form for each participant be completed and submitted with registration

The Concussion Awareness Resource and Concussion Codes of Conduct can be found at the following links:

Need help?  Check out the Guide to the OFSAA Hub