OFSAA Snowboard Registration Forms:

Teacher-Coaches and/or Athletic Directors complete all OFSAA paperwork for the OFSAA Snowboarding Festival. If you are not familiar with the new OFSAA HUB system, please ask the Athletic Director or designate at your school to assist.

STEP 1- ROSTER:  Teacher-coaches ensure all student-athletes are listed in the OFSAA HUB on an appropriate Snowboard Eligibility Roster. Each of these rosters needs to be printed, signed, scanned and uploaded.  Need help?  Check out the Guide to the OFSAA Hub

STEP 2 – FORMS:  Teacher-coaches download, print, complete, and scan the following additional forms for all rostered athletes, teacher-coaches, and parent supervisors that plan to attend the OFSAA Snowboarding Festival. These forms are also available for download from the OFSAA HUBNOTE: 1 PDF File per form!  

a) OFSAA Rules of Behaviour Form [PDF]
b) Coach/Trainer Concussion Review Confirmation [PDF]
c) Student-Athlete/Parent Concussion Review Confirmation [PDF]
di) Participation Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk (Under 18) [PDF]
dii) Adult Release of Liability (18+) [PDF].  (If no one is over the age of 18 and you do not need to upload a form)
e) OFSAA Snowboard 2023 Supervision Form [PDF]
f) Alpine Snowboarder Racer Profile [PDF]
g) OSBIE (UPDATE as of Feb. 25):  please bring a hard copy to registration

Athletic Directors / coaches: scan and upload completed forms to the OFSAA HUB no later than February 24, 2023 @ 6pm Need help?  Check out the Guide to the OFSAA Hub


OFSAA Snowboard Registration Fees:


Each school will be responsible for submitting the following fees at the event Registration Desk on Wed. March 1, 2023 (7am- 8am):

#1:  OFSAA Snowboard Entry Fee:  

  • $45 Racer Lift Ticket (tax. inc) per athlete; exempt if a racer has a pass or reciprocal ticket; must go to ticket booth for reciprocal ticket
  • $45 Race Fee per athlete (includes race fee and lunch)
  • Each school will receive 1 complimentary ticket for a preregistered designated teacher-coach; additional coach lift ticket is $45
  • Coach Lunch ticket is $18 (tax inc.) per coach / teacher
  • Any race day scratches will be charged pay race fee – lunch for a total of $27 per athlete)
  • 1 cheque/school payable to “YRAA/OFSAA Championships”

#2:  OFSAA Bib Deposit

  • $100.00 BIB Deposit Cheque from each participating school is required. Cheque will be returned at the completion of competition, provided the BIB(s) are returned.
  • 1 cheque/school payable to “OFSAA”

#3:  OFSAA Participant Fee (to be paid by Association Convenor)

  • $3 OFSAA Participant Fee (per student-athlete)
  • 1 cheque from the Association (paid by Association Convenor) payable to “OFSAA”