1. Association Convenors must submit OFSAA Entry Form (email was sent) by Thurs. Feb. 22, 2024.  Coaches must submit ALL forms / paperwork to OFSAA HUB.  (See Forms / Fees page).

2. Bibs and Lift Tickets must be worn during race (including course inspection).  Bibs must be fully visible at all times during inspection and race.

3. Access to restricted areas of the race course will be denied unless BOTH pieces of ID (bib / lift ticket) are displayed.

4. Coaches displaying their ID may accompany their athletes during inspection but will not be permitted access to the restricted course area during the race.

5. Coaches must return BIBS at the end of the day for Bib Deposit to be returned.

6. The Official Notice Board where DQs will be posted after each run will be announced at Coaches Meeting on race day.

7. If a protest is to be filed, the teacher-coach has 30 minutes from the time that the results and disqualifications are posted to do so.  The proper OFSAA Protest Form and a cheque for $50 must be submitted within this time frame.

8. All area and Ontario Ski Resort Association rules regarding safe skiing / boarding at all times will be in effect. Ski Patrol has the right to remove a racer’s lift ticket. The penalty will be the removal of the racer from the start order of subsequent races and a DQ for all runs completed. The coach may appeal this decision to the Protest Committee.

9. The C.S.P.S. shall have patrollers on each hill. They will be in contact with race organizers at all times.

10. Disrespect to any official or employee of Devil’s Glen Ski Club at any time will result in sanctions or disqualification as per the “OFSAA Rules of Behaviour” and the “OFSAA Snowboarding Playing Regulations”.

11.  Start order of first run will be sequential based on bib number.  Start order for Run 2 is based on BIBBO (top 30 inverted based on Run 1 Time) and then rank 31 and on will be based on time of Run 1 (see “OFSAA Snowboarding Playing Regulations”).