Playing Regulation Updates

The OFSAA Cross Country Playing Regulations have been updated for Sep 2022.

  • The Championship Structure Rule 2.a. has been amended to “…Para Event: 4km…” Formally, this rule required 3km for Para events.
    • The School Eligibility Rule 5.a.i. has been reverted back to previous requirements. Consisting of a minimum of sixteen (16) practices during the current school season (Sept. – Nov.) and participating in two non-relay races.

Race Format Details for 2022

  • Athletes are to be checked-in at their assigned start box with their number plate on their uniform 15 minutes before their start, requiring that they arrive earlier to complete the check-in process.
  • Only 5 athletes from each team will be permitted in the start box plus the 5 individuals from each Association. Only athletes in correct uniform will be allowed in the start area.
  • Portable listening devices (excluding hearing devices) are not permitted throughout the competition.

Para Information

Race Start Protocol

  1. At least 15 minutes before start, competitors are to present themselves at their Association’s assigned start box, where Start Box Officials will check whether:
    • Athletes are wearing a correct and legal uniform
    • Athletes are wearing a number plate corresponding to the official start list
    • Each athlete is racing as an individual or a team member
    • Only 5 athletes are competing from each team
  2. The Chief Starter will signal a five-minute warning at which time:
    • All athletes must be checked into their assigned boxes
    • Athletes are to determine their start positions
  3. The Chief Starter will signal a three-minute warning at which time:
    • All athletes must make themselves ready to compete
    • Start Box Officials in each box will raise their red flag indicating that athletes are getting ready to compete
    • Athletes must position themselves at the start line, if they were the top finisher amongst the individuals at their qualifier race, or if they have been selected by their team to be team starter
    • Athletes must position themselves in a single file behind their team starter in order by rank as determined by their team, if they are a member of a team
    • Athletes must position themselves in a single file behind the first ranked individual athlete in order by rank at their qualifier race, if they are individual athletes
    • Start Box Officials in each box will raise their white flag once all athletes are in position and ready to compete
    • Once the white flag is raised no athletes may enter, leave, or change position in the start box
  4. Approximately one minute before race start, the two Assistant Starters will:
    • Check that all boxes assigned to them are displaying white flags
    • Check that all athletes in boxes assigned to them are behind the start line
    • Raise a green flag, once all checks are complete
  5. Once green flags are raised from both Assistant Starters, from the Lead Vehicle, and from the Chief of Finish, the Chief Starter will signal a one-minute warning by raising their arm, at which time:
    • All athletes must remain silent and still in anticipation of the start
  6. After approximately 60 seconds, the gun will be fired or horn will sound to indicate the START of the Race.