Full Results

Official results will be available soon after each race from our partner SportMadeSimple.com.

Live Video Stream

The exclusive worldwide webcast of our event will be available live and on-demand at AthleticsCanada.tv for all RunnerSpace +PLUS subscribers.

New monthly subscribers can use the coupon code ac7daytrialofsaaxc21 to activate a free seven-day RunnerSpace +PLUS subscription to watch all the action on your smartphone, tablet or computer. This free trial code is valid for all new monthly subscribers and must be used by November 6. Head over to plus.runnerspace.com to subscribe.

Subscribers will be asked to provide a credit card for the +PLUS membership activation, but with this code, your credit card will not be charged for seven days from the start of your free trial.

If you do not want access to other live events or the on-demand video inventory available to all +PLUS subscribers, you can cancel future recurring credit card charges by using the “Cancel/Renew Subscription” button available when logged in to your Account on plus.runnerspace.com. Do this anytime before your 7-day trial expires, and your credit card will never be charged.

In summary, for those interested only in the live stream of OFSAA XCR 2021, your steps would be:

  1. Create a RunnerSpace.com account.
  2. Sign-up for a monthly RunnerSpace.com +PLUS membership by providing a credit card and using the coupon code ac7daytrialofsaaxc21.
  3. Visit your new plus.runnerspace.com Account page and use the “Cancel/Renew Subscription” button to cancel your subscription and all future credit card charges.
  4. Visit AthleticsCanada.tv to watch the exclusive OFSAA XCR 2021 live stream on Saturday 6 November 2021.