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This page updated for 2022.

Registration Overview

  1. Only Association Convenors can register athletes to compete at OFSAA Cross Country Running. Entries are due October 29 @ midnight.
  2. Athletic Directors with the help of their Teacher-Coaches are to complete and submit to the OFSAA HUB all required paperwork no later than November 1 @ midnight.  See the Coach’s information page for further details.
  3. Association Convenors will submit two cheques to cover all Association athletes. Individual teams, schools, and athletes do not submit fees directly.


Athlete registration is to be completed by each association convenor online at at the following link address:

A username and password is required to input entries which will be sent to association conveners.

The interface allows the user to upload a single file of regional meet results.  This will be used to post all the association results and cross link them to the OFSAA results.  For any of the associations done by, results files will be posted directly when they’re complete.

If a regional meet uses Meet Manager, upload a backup file (in meet manager file ->backup, not any other exports from it) of the full results and it will automatically parse out all the teams and allow you to select all the entries from drop down lists.  You can select the members to align with who the team wants to advance.

Beyond that it’s all just fill out the form for team / individual entries.

NB: For Para entries please ensure you select their classification.  For Visually Impaired athletes it will also allow you enter the name of their guide if available.

Online registration must be completed by:  October 29 @ midnight.


Team registration paperwork

All OFSAA XC Championship registration paperwork is to be signed and uploaded by individual teams to the OFSAA HUB no later than Tuesday, November 1 @ midnight.



Each school will be responsible for submitting to their Association Convenor the following fees:

  • $13 OFSAA Entry Fee (per student-athlete)
  • $3 OFSAA Participant Fee (per student-athlete)

The playing regulations allow 6 student-athletes to be registered for each team, but only 5 of the 6 student-athletes will be permitted to compete. However, both fees are required for all registered student-athletes, even if they do not compete.

Association Convenors are to supply two cheques to R.S. McLaughlin CVI.

  • One cheque made payable to “R.S. McLaughlin CVI” for the total of all OFSAA Entry Fees ($13/student-athlete)
  • One cheque made payable to “OFSAA” for the total of all OFSAA Participation Fees ($3/student-athlete)

Cheques can be submitted one of two ways:

  • Brought to the Association Check-in on Friday November 5 by the Association Convenor or a designate; or,
  • Couriered to R.S. McLaughlin c/o Rob Grepe, 570 Stevenson Road North Oshawa, ON L1J 5P1. such that it is received by Friday November 5.