Registration Overview

  1. Only Association Convenors can register athletes to compete at OFSAA Cross Country Running.
  2. Athletic Directors with the help of their Teacher-Coaches are to complete and submit to the OFSAA HUB all required paperwork no later than November 2 @ midnight.
  3. Association Convenors will submit two cheques to cover all Association athletes. Individual teams, schools, and athletes do not submit fees directly.

Important Note

As a limited access event, all entry to LCS will require an event access pass.

Each school will be given an access pass for each athlete, and a limited number of access passes for coaches.

If there is a chance that a parent, teacher, driver, or other non-athlete will be using one of your coach access passes, they must be listed on your OFSAA paperwork (Team Eligibility Roster, Rules of Behaviour form, and in some cases on the Supervision form) and approved by your School Principal.


Each school will be responsible for submitting to their Association Convenor the following fees:

  • $13 OFSAA Entry Fee (per student-athlete)
  • $3 OFSAA Participant Fee (per student-athlete)

The playing regulations allow 6 student-athletes to be registered for each team, but only 5 of the 6 student-athletes will be permitted to compete. However, both fees are required for all registered student-athletes, even if they do not compete.

Registration Process Update

To ensure schools are able to determine when their Event Registration is complete in the OFSAA HUB, we have removed the requirement to upload the Para-Athlete & Guide form. The OFSAA HUB will show “complete” when all required forms have been uploaded.

Instead, the Para-Athlete & Guide form should be emailed directly to [email protected] if required, while all other forms will still need to be signed and uploaded to the OFSAA HUB.

All OFSAA XCR Championship registration paperwork is to be signed and uploaded to the OFSAA HUB no later than Tuesday, November 2nd at midnight.

Registration Process

Step 1 — Teacher-Coaches and Athletic Directors complete all OFSAA paperwork

The OFSAA paperwork consists of the following 4 sub-steps to be completed for each school by a teacher-coach.

If you are not familiar with the new OFSAA HUB system, please ask the Athletic Director at your school to assist.

    Teacher-coaches ensure all student-athletes are listed in the OFSAA HUB on an appropriate Cross Country Running Team Eligibility roster. Each of these rosters needs to be printed and signed, as shown in this online example. Since one of the required signatures is from your Association Convenor, be sure to bring this form to your Association Qualifier/Championship. It is normal for the team rosters to list all athletes on your teams, even those that do not attend the OFSAA Championship, since you will be printing it before you know who has qualified for the OFSAA Championship.
    Teacher-coaches email the Team Eligibility Roster to themselves from the OFSAA HUB and then forward the email to [email protected]. Forward this email by the day of your Association Qualifier/Championship, as it needs to be done before your Association Convenor can complete step 2. As mentioned above, it is okay to send a roster that has your full team listed even though it is unlikely that your full team will qualify for the OFSAA Championship. Please do not send a scan of the roster. This needs to be the original email sent from the OFSAA HUB.
    Teacher-coaches download, print, and complete the following additional forms for all rostered athletes, teacher-coaches, and parent supervisors that plan to attend the OFSAA Championship. These forms are also available for download from the OFSAA HUB.
    • OFSAA Rules of Behaviour Form [Word | PDF]
    • OFSAA XCR Practice Form [Excel | Word | PDF]
    • OFSAA Supervision Form [Word | PDF]
    • OFSAA XCR Para-athlete & Guide Form (for para athletes only) [Word | PDF]
    Athletic Directors scan and upload 4 completed forms to the OFSAA HUB no later than November 2 @ midnight, including:
    • signed OFSAA XCR Team Eligibility Roster
    • signed OFSAA Rules of Behaviour Form
    • signed OFSAA XCR Practice Form
    • signed OFSAA Supervision Form
    • signed OFSAA XCR Para-athlete & Guide Form (for para athletes only)

    Athletic Directors scan and email 1 completed form to [email protected] no later than November 2 @ midnight:
    • signed OFSAA XCR Para-athlete & Guide Form (for para athletes only)

Step 2 — Association Convenors register all student-athletes

Based on the results of their Qualifier or Championship, Association Convenors will submit all Association team and individual entries for the OFSAA Championship electronically via the LCS XCR Registration webapp by October 29 @ midnight. The athletes entered electronically in this step by the Association Convenor are the only athletes that will be permitted to race.

This electronic registration app will only allow entry of the athletes received by email from the OFSAA HUB in step 1.2 above. If any student-athletes are missing, the Team Eligibility Roster can be updated and re-emailed.

Association Convenors can use their email address as a username, and request their password be sent to them by email within the app. If the password doesn’t seem to arrive, please check your SPAM folder.

Step 3 — Association Convenors submit cheques

Association Convenors are to supply two cheques to Lakefield College School:

  • One cheque made payable to “Lakefield College School” for the total of all OFSAA Entry Fees ($13/student-athlete)
  • One cheque made payable to “OFSAA” for the total of all OFSAA Participation Fees ($3/student-athlete)

Cheques can be submitted one of two ways:

  • Brought to the Association Check-in on Friday November 5 by the Association Convenor or a designate; or,
  • Couriered to Lakefield College School (Attn: Alaina Connelly, 4391 Country Rd 29, Lakefield ON K0L 2H0) such that it is received by Friday November 5.

Step 4 — Teacher-Coaches pickup race kits

During the Association’s Check-in time slot, one teacher-coach will pickup all race kits for their school.

At this time, the teacher-coach is to:

  • Report any athlete scratches
  • Report any errors in registration or on the race start lists
  • Have physical copies of their paperwork, in case additional verification is necessary

Video Demonstrations

Step 1 — The paperwork & the new OFSAA HUB

Step 2 — Entering qualification results

Optional Additional Forms