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Character Athlete Award

Twice a year, OFSAA awards the Character Athlete Award to two recipients (one male, one female) who embody OFSAA’s values of leadership, commitment, equity, respect and sportsmanship. 

The Character Athletes will be profiled in our Bulletin magazine, on our website, and in our Enewsletter. They will also receive a plaque from OFSAA, commemorating this accomplishment.

Spring OFSAA Character Athlete nominations are due Monday, May 25

To nominate one of your student-athletes for the Character Athlete Award, please fill out the application form and submit it online.

Direct any questions to;

Devin Gray, OFSAA Communications Coordinator
Fax: 416-426-7317

Please include as much information as possible about your student-athlete.  Specifically their school and community involvement, and how they exemplify OFSAA’s values.

Past Recipients

Coaching Excellence Award

The CAO Coaching Excellence Awards recognize outstanding coaches and their contributions to both their sport and athletes in Ontario. The selection of recipients will be based on their unique contribution to sport through coaching.

These awards do not reflect the accomplishments of a coach in any one year; rather the awards are designed to recognize the contributions a coach has made over a period of years.

Many thanks to the Coaches Association of Ontario for their support of school coaches within our province.

Past Recipients

Colin Hood Award

The Colin Hood OFSAA School Sport Award is named after retired OFSAA Executive Director Colin Hood. During his time at OFSAA (1992-2004), Colin set national precedents through his relentless dedication to school sport, developing all-inclusive OFSAA programs, as well as promoting and developing the high school athlete in this province. He is considered a true leader and role model in both the educational and sport sectors.

The Colin Hood Award is given out annually to one graduating male, one graduating female, and one coach in every school in the province who, throughout their high school career, have been committed to the success of school sport at their school and within their Association.

OFSAA is pleased to make available the Colin Hood/OFSAA School Sport Award. Please take the time to recognize the important student-athletes and coaches that make school sport memorable.

Application deadline is April 30, 2015
NOTE - The names of the recipients MUST be provided to us before the awards will be shipped.

Complete the online application form.

Past Recipients

OFSAA Leadership in School Sport Award

The OFSAA Leadership in School Sport Award is presented annually at each OFSAA Championship to a teacher-coach who has made a significant contribution to the educational athletic program. The recipient of this award exemplifies the values of fair play and good sportsmanship, while promoting enjoyment, personal growth and educational achievement through school sport.

Download the nomination form!

Past Recipients

Ministry Service Awards

OFSAA began nominating individuals for the Ministry Long Service Award in 2000, recognizing those many people who have been Association Representatives, members of the Board of Directors, Principals' Representatives, committee members, and convenors, in addition to involvement in their schools and local associations.

Nominees may be active or retired teacher-coaches, and three men and three women are nominated annually. Recipients are selected by the Executive Council from a list of names put forward by members and staff. The individuals are honored in their local area at a special reception recognizing the contributions of volunteers from many organizations.

Past Recipients

Pete Beach Award

Pete Beach was a former Executive Director of OFSAA whose life was dedicated to sport and helping others, especially young people, achieve their full potential. Under his leadership, OFSAA expanded from 7 Associations to 15 and 300 schools to 580.

These winners exemplify the same dedication, spirit and love of sport that made Pete Beach such a success in both his professional and private life.

Past Recipients

Syl Apps Special Achievement Award

In recognition of outstanding service to OFSAA and school sport, each year OFSAA nominates an individual for the Special Achievement Award for Volunteerism, now named after Syl Apps.

This award is presented by the Sport Alliance in partnership with the province of Ontario and the Ministry of Health Promotion. Recipients are selected from members, past or present, of the Executive Council, Representatives Council or Legislative Assembly (formerly Executive, Board of Directors and Legislative Council), for this award. The individual chosen by the Executive from names put forth by Council members has also been active in their own school, local association, and/or their OFSAA member Association, and has contributed to the community as a whole. OFSAA alternates the nomination of men and women that deserve this recognition.

The Syl Apps Award is presented in the spring at a special dinner honoring the many persons throughout the province who have made significant contributions to sport  as leaders, athletes, and corporate supporters.

Past Recipients