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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does OFSAA stand for?

A: Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations.


Q: When did OFSAA become an organization?

A: OFSAA was incorporated in 1948.  We celebrate the 75th Anniversary in 2023-24.


Q: How many events does OFSAA host?

A: Currently, OFSAA hosts 45 provincial championships and festivals in 21 different sports.


Q:  What’s the difference between a championship and a festival?

A:  Event status is based on provincial participation within secondary schools.  A breakdown of OFSAA event status criteria can be found within the OFSAA Regulations under Appendix VII.  


Q:  How many student-athletes are there in Ontario?

A:  Approximately 250,000.


Transfer Policy

Q:  Why do secondary school sports in Ontario have a transfer policy?

A:  The OFSAA transfer policy was established in 1986. The policy was established to provide fair and equitable competition, prevent the displacement of students and protect secondary school sport programs. 


Q:  Why are students ineligible for competition when they transfer schools?

A:  Every student that transfers schools is considered ineligible for sports for a period of twelve months from the date of transfer.  Students can appeal their eligibility by contacting the athletic leader at the receiving school.  This individual is responsible for submitting an appeal to the local transfer committee on behalf of the student.


Q:  What happens if a student is denied eligibility at the local level?

A:  Every student is afforded due process.  Students can appeal a local decision to the member association of OFSAA, if not available, a student can appeal to OFSAA.  In order for OFSAA to hear an appeal it must be denied locally first.


Q:  How do I appeal an Association decision for a transfer?

A: Contact the OFSAA office and provide the name of the student and his/her school name as well as the name of the principal of the school.


Q:  Are there deadlines to appeal a transfer to OFSAA?

A:  Yes, OFSAA transfer appeal deadlines and hearing dates can be found at the following link:

Transfer Policy & Meeting Dates



Live Streaming

Q:  How can I view the OFSAA championships/festivals online?

A:  Beginning in 2023-24, OFSAA indoor team events can be viewed via pay-per-view at live.ofsaa.on. The execution of live streaming by our championship volunteer organizing committees is not mandatory for our outdoor events. Visit our live stream portal here: https://live.ofsaa.on.ca/en/



Q:  How do Athletic Directors gain access to The HUB? 

A:  New Athletic Directors can gain access to the hub by completing the following form: Hub Access Form.  Once the form is completed, an account will be created within 24 hours.