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OFSAA, in collaboration with the Canadian Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (CIAAA), would like to invite you to take part in the following courses aimed at many of the day-to-day operational responsibilities of Canadian Athletic Directors. OFSAA is pleased to announce that there is a $95- subsidy available to each of the first 16 Athletic Directors that enroll in each of the Legal Issues courses. The first 16 AD’s who register for the 503C course will receive a free registration.

504C: Legal Issues I – The Basics of Negligence, Liability  and Risk Management (February 27, 2024 – 6 – 9 pm EST)

This course covers liability, negligence, and risk management practices for athletic administrators. Legal concepts will be introduced to athletic administrators through the use of case law, case studies, and guided discussion. Appropriate risk management documentation procedures for athletic administrators will be identified. Attendees will benefit from discussing real-life case law scenarios and defining the duties and standards of care that the law requires of athletic administrators. Attendees will leave the course with new knowledge and actionable strategies for managing risk.

506C: Legal Issues II – Enhance Legal Topics for the Athletic Administrator (May 23, 2024 – 6 – 9 pm EST)

This course introduces the important legal issues of discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying, hazing, and violence in sport. Participants will learn the legal definitions of the terms and how they are applied to the sport and scholastic context. Case law examples, discussions and other activities will help participants navigate these complex issues. Athletic administrators are also more frequently dealing with legal issues in an “online” context. This course looks at these new issues (cyber-bulling, online privacy, defamation, and coach-athlete relationship closeness on Facebook) through a legal lens and participants will learn tips for how best to manage online issues. Finally, the course touches on employment law and participants will learn best practices for beginning and ending relationships with teacher coaches and volunteer coaches.

503C: Athletic Administration: Enhancing School-Based Athletic Programs (April 4, 2024 – 4 – 7 pm @ Thames Valley District School Board Office)

This course builds on the teachings in 501C and 502C, by taking Athletic Directors through ideas and strategies to implement that will enhance their athletic programs. The course touches on ways to improve citizenship and sportsmanship within your athletic program through positive initiatives, examines potential problems or possible solutions in areas such as program promotion, social media, tournaments and special events, recognition, awards, fundraising, and strategic planning.

FOR MORE INFORMATION AND COURSE REGISTRATION please contact Jim Barbeau, OFSAA Sport Coordinator at [email protected].

AS WELL, if you are interested in HOSTING A COURSE IN YOUR AREA, contact Jim as well.