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OFSAA’s Poster Series (2021)

In September 2021, OFSAA’s Advocacy Committee produced a pair of english and french posters that provided an inspiring message for teachers and students as they returned to the classroom in the fall.

It is our hope that teachers will be inspired to be committed and to provide leadership that will allow for a much-needed return to co-curricular activities such as high school sport, band, drama and much more.

The posters promote not only the physical benefits of school sports but also the boost to the student’s mental well-being coming out of an 18-month sports shutdown. The overall well-being of the student should be at the forefront by having the return of school sports.

OFSAA feels that the posters reinforces the need for teachers to safely re-engage and emotionally connect again with students outside of the classroom – now more than ever.

The PDF’s of the colour posters, with a maximum size of 11×17, are available for download here: