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Badminton Results 2015

May 5, 2015 | Uncategorized

OFSAA Badminton Championship Website

April 30 – May 2, 2015

Full Results available here 

Women’s Singles


A Flight

B Flight

C Flight


Karissa Chan (Seed #4) (YRAA)

 Chyna Liu (NOSSAA)

 Hayley Arpin (NWOSSAA)


Shirley Yang (YRAA)

 Luna Yang (TDSSAA)

Kestrel McNeill (SWOSSAA)


 Sommer Chou (Seed #3) (GHAC)

Victoria Duong (CWOSSA)

Hannah Huxter (LOSSA)


Caitlin Sherry (Seed #1) (ROPSSAA)

Cathy Zhang (YRAA)

Madison St-Onge Laprise (NEOAA)
Men’s Singles


A Flight

B Flight

C Flight


Poy Lo (Seed #1) (YRAA)

Randy Hu (TDCAA)

AyubTouray (TDSSAA)  


Andre Chan (Seed #2) (CISAA)

Jonathan Chang                (TDSSAA)          

Joseph Choi (SOSSA)    


Minh Pham (Seed #3) (NCSSAA)

Wil Hausenblas (NOSSA)

Chris Bechard (SWOSSAA)         


Brandon Chau (TDSSAA)

Chris Wu  (SOSSA)

Jeremnie St-Pierre (EOSSAA)


Women’s Doubles


A Flight

B Flight

C Flight


Kathy Li (SEED #1)

Sharon Chung (TDSSAA) 

Tammy Lai

Yi Mel Meng (ROPSSAA)

Caitlin Yee

Miyuki Yamada (YRAA)


Melanie Lau  (SEED #3)

Rochelle Tang (YRAA)

Helen He

Angela Luo (CWOSSA)

Kitty Guo 

Fiona Ly    (TDSSAA)


Carolyn Bowman

Sophie Chamberland (CISSA)

Jayme Carter (SEED #4)

Dana Bennett (GHAC)

Anjali Rao

Maricar Paraiso (WOSSAA)


Dorothy Duck (Seed #2)      

Katie Harris (GBSSA)

Lorraine Hung

Carol Wong (CISAA)

Katja Odegaard

Jelena Vucenovic (SOSSA)


Men’s Doubles


A Flight

B Flight

C Flight


Adwin Lau (Seed #1)

Phillip Choi (YRAA)

Brennan Davis

Brendan Dinsdale (NCSSAA)

Mitchell Jackson

Paul Duquette (COSSA)


Joel Nyenhuis (Seed #2)           

Noah Nyenhuis (WOSSAA)

Griffin Nogas    

Leo Bourgeois (CISAA)

Kenneth Noronha

Amritpal Singh (SWOSSAA)


Steve Lam (Seed #3)      

YiYang Jiang (NCSSAA)

Paul Punsalan   

Jayson Manalang (TDCAA)

Caleb Schmidt  

Curtis Balentyne (COSSA)


Aditya Sikand (Seed #4)     

Justin Wong (ROPSSAA)

Aydon Schat

Wes Schilstra (SOSSA)

Jeremy Newton              

Dylan Fogarty (NWOSSAA)

Mixed Doubles


A Flight

B Flight

C Flight


Samantha Hanrath (Seed #1)

Justin Law (TDSSAA)

Yuming Han

David Park (CWOSSA)

Jianne Li

Max Taylor (CISAA)


Claudia Tai (Seed #2)

Jeffrey Chui (YRAA)

Michelle Mei

Jimmy Zhu (TDSSAA)

Shelly Yin

Vincent Tan (ROPSSAA)


Michelle Pao (Seed #3)

Otto Pang (YRAA)

Helen Ngu          

Allan Pao (WOSSA)

Helen Ng            

Jasper Ho (TDCAA)


Molan Ren

Jameson Weng (NCSSAA)

Lisa Gearing

Danny Gearing (SOSSA)

Shoree Ding

Jin Yue Liu (GHAC)

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