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EPISODE #1:  "The TSN Turning Point!" Our debut episode features 1980s former high school football great, James Duthie. Okay, so you probably know him better as the recognizable face of TSN. The versatile and longtime host of Molson Canadian Leafs Hockey and on-site anchor of the Super Bowl, the Grey Cup, the World Junior Championships and The Masters was on the other side of the Q & A this time around. We think you'll enjoy the back and forth conversation about his high school athletic pursuits, his coaching experiences and his award-winning broadcasting career. 

EPISODE #2:  "Girl Power!" Three current female teacher-coaches comprise an educational "Roundtable" on this episode. Kelly Gouveia, Val Hargreaves and Courtney Beaulne discuss and promote ways for schools to encourage girls to stay active during their high school years through physical education and school sport. You won't want to miss this insightful meeting of the female minds.  


EPISODE #3: "It's okay not to be okay." Krista Van Slingerland, Executive Director of the Canadian Centre For Mental Health And Sport (www.ccmhs-ccsms.ca), educates us on an important topic in today's society and sporting landscape -- Mental Health Literacy In Sports. Krista has turned her own struggle with a mental health disorder into a career focused on working with athletes, coaches, parents and administrators to make Canadian sport a safer and more inclusive place for athletes struggling with mental illness. Athletes and coaches will find the discussion educational and below are some recommended resources:

Crisis Resources:

Kids Help Phone - Text "CONNECT" to 686868, kidshelphone.ca

Youthspace.ca - Text (778) 783-0177, youthspace.ca 

Online Resources:

Better Help - betterhelp.com (online access to professional counsellors)

The LifeLine App - thelifelinecanada.ca (direct access to phone, online chat, text and email crisis support)

Big White Wall Canada - bigwhitewall.ca (anonymous peer support community accessible anytime and anywhere)


EPISODE #4:  A trade-off of veal sandwiches in return for more ice-time for a player on his hockey team? 

Gerry Dee lets us in on this story, and others like it, from his high school coaching days on this episode of The OFSAA TIMEOUT Podcast.

The popular host of Family Feud Canada and Mr. Dee on CBC certainly has the real life background across high school athletics to inform and entertain.

  • What sports did he enjoy coaching the most?
  • What life lessons did he like to impart on the student-athletes that he coached?
  • And, oh, what could go wrong when supervising kids' dodgeball and 'indoor' Marco Polo in the small confines of the gymnasium?

Catch Gerry Dee in person on his comedy tour by going to https://gerrydee.com/ or https://www.ticketmaster.ca/gerry-dee-tickets/artist/1234097


EPISODE #5:  Roy Rana is one of the most influential figures in Canadian Basketball.

He reflects fondly on the many rewards of coaching high school basketball at C.W. Jefferys and Eastern Commerce. He started coaching in high school at age 24 and he hasn't looked back.

Rana stands by the theory of "be willing to take risks!"

After decorated tenures at the high school and university level, Rana is currently in his first season on the coaching staff of the NBA's Sacramento Kings.

Listen to what he attributes to the steady influx of Canadian talent currently on NBA rosters. It's not the answer that you're used to hearing.

Ballers and coaches of all sports will find interest in hearing the name of a well-known basketball coach that Rana admires the most and the name doesn't start with "Red" or "Phil".

That and much more here on Episode 5!


EPISODE #6:  It's a "STUDENT TAKEOVER" on this edition! Sort of...

Be sure to listen to our interview with the female and male recipients of the 2020 OFSAA Character Athlete Award. Grace Petsnick of Fort Frances High School and Tristan Smith of École secondaire publique Maurice-Lapointe in Kanata share high school memories, thoughts on their unusual graduation year and let us in on their post-secondary plans.

Both will receive a $1,000 grant from Jostens as they stood out in the minds of the voting panel for their commitment to OFSAA's values of leadership, equity, respect and sportsmanship.


EPISODE #7:  Dedication Leads To Opportunity

Mallory Mackesy, 16, is multi-sport student-athlete at Saltfleet District High School in Stoney Creek and her dedication to field hockey has not gone unnoticed. Hear about her motivations and her thoughts on what it has been like for one high school athlete to miss out on OFSAA championship due to COVID-19 over the last calendar year.

Not one to sit still, Mallory has produced videos that put her backyard field hockey workouts on full display. The YouTube videos can be viewed on the homepage of ofsaa.on.ca. 

The grade 11 student is pleased to share on this episode that she will attending the University of Maine on a scholarship. We wish her well in her academic and athletic pursuits at Saltfleet and with the Black Bears beginning in 2022.

Follow Mallory at @mallory_fieldhockey on Instagram, /MalloryMackesy on Facebook and YouTube.


EPISODE #8:  The Red Shirt Effect

Find out about the movement that is "The Red Shirt Effect"! In the absence of sports over the last 12 months, Athletics Coordinator Michelle Lange has spear-headed a popular virtual training program to generate positive mental and physical well-being among teenagers. The goal is to assist athletes during this pause so that they are reinvigorated, and more prepared, when the time comes to try out for school teams when we return to sports in the future. 

A must-listen for any student-athlete, athletic coordinator or athletic director. Learn more about "The Red Shirt Effect" virtual training program by selecting the Virtual Trainers tab at http://tvraa.com/


EPISODE #9:  Humboldt Strong!

Three years following the Humboldt Broncos tragic bus crash, we hear from one of the team's captains, Kaleb Dahlgren. The 23-year old is joined in conversation with Sportsnet Central Host Martine Gaillard. They discuss his new book "Crossroads", diabetes, community, support teams, the loss of high school championships and a host of other important topics. You won't want to miss hearing about his emotional and physical recovery while learning about his future goals.

This is a motivational and powerful discussion that will undoubtedly appeal to Canadians of all ages.

Be sure to grab your copy of "Crossroads" at harpercollins.ca, Amazon or Indigo.


EPISODE #10:  Coaching & Life Lessons With Peter Morris

Coach. Teacher. Mentor. Friend.  All of these words aptly describe this episode's special guest to those of us in the school sport community. A former high school teacher with a 37 year background in coaching has seen it all. The highly-respected Peter Morris reflects on a career in this episode that will entertain aspiring coaches and ones that have been around the block a time or two.

Over the years, Peter's dedication to school sport allowed him to connect with so many people outside of the coaching channel as well. He forged strong relationships with convenors, athletes, volunteers, event organizers and the overall OFSAA community during his tenure as a valuable OFSAA staff member from 1998 to 2019.
What was his most rewarding coaching moment? How does the "hidden potato trick" work in baseball? It's all here in our 10th episode!


EPISODE #11:  The Current Climate Of OFSAA 

OFSAA championships and festivals returned in October for the first time in 19 months. How did we get here and what does an OFSAA event look like in 2021?

Two integral members of the OFSAA leadership group - President Carolyn Chesney and Acting Executive Director Shamus Bourdonprovide clarity and background on how the organization reached the point of a return to provincial championships.


EPISODE #12:  Olympic Decathlon Champion Damian Warner

It's "The World's Greatest Athlete"!

Damian Warner and his long-time coach, Gar Leyshon, recount their time together as athlete and coach at Montcalm Secondary School in London, Ontario.

What team sport does Damian reflect on fondly as his spring-board to high school athletic success? What did Gar first see in Damian as a student-athlete? 

How has Olympic glory changed everyday life in 2021 for our country's Closing Ceremony Flag Bearer? It's all here!

This is an episode that will surely get the motivational engines running for aspiring high school athletes and it will undoubtedly reinforce the benefits of athletics for dedicated coaches!




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