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As we move along with future monthly podcasts, look for special guest interviews along with topical issues of interest to student-athletes, coaches, parents and educators. 

Please contact Pat Park ([email protected]) if you would like an important, or even a fun topic, discussed on a future episode of OFSAA “TIMEOUT”. It’s a great platform to promote the efforts of individuals and the initiatives in school sport around the province.

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EPISODE #1:  Features 1980s former high school football great, James Duthie. Okay, so you probably know him better as the recognizable face of TSN. The versatile and longtime host of Molson Canadian Leafs Hockey and on-site anchor of the Super Bowl, the Grey Cup, the World Junior Championships and The Masters was on the other side of the Q & A this time around. We think you'll enjoy the back and forth conversation about his high school athletic pursuits, his coaching experiences and his award-winning broadcasting career. 

EPISODE #2:  Girl Power! Three current female teacher-coaches comprise an educational "Roundtable" on this episode. Kelly Gouveia, Val Hargreaves and Courtney Beaulne discuss and promote ways for schools to encourage girls to stay active during their high school years through physical education and school sport. You won't want to miss this insightful meeting of the female minds.  




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Look for special guest interviews along with topical high school sport issues of interest to student-athletes, coaches, parents and educators.

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