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We are looking at offering the following LTP Courses at the 2019 OFSAA Conference:
*Course availability may be subject to change depending on number of registrants for each course. 

504C: Legal Issues I – The Basics of Negligence, Liability and Risk Management – 

This course covers liability, negligence, and risk management practices for athletic administrators. Legal concepts will be introduced to athletic administrators through the use of case law, case studies, and guided discussion. Appropriate risk management documentation procedures for athletic administrators will be identified. Enrollees will benefit from discussing real-life case law scenarios and defining the duties and standards of care that the law requires of athletic administrators. Enrollees will leave the course with new knowledge and actionable strategies for managing risk.

602C: Creating Your Athletic Handbook (Working Course) – 

This course is designed to guide attendees through the process of creating a complete and effective athletic handbook. Effective athletic handbooks provide vision/direction for your program, disseminate critical information to your constituents and can save Athletic Administrators countless hours. This is a working course where attendees will be provided with a number of templates as a starting point and surrounded by a number of experienced Athletic Administrators leading the course. Attendees will be expected to come prepared with a list of school and district-specific documents to guide them during the handbook creation process. This list will be sent to attendees roughly one week prior to the course delivery date.

703C: Student Centered Educational Athletics – Performance Beyond the X’s and O’s – 

This student centered program will provide learning experiences for student athletes beyond the X’s and O’s. This course will support a value based curriculum that will demonstrate model behaviors and qualities that students should emulate both in and out of the athletic arena. Teachable moments beyond the classroom—center court, centerfield or center ice—provide the opportunity to promote and maximize the achievement of these educational goals and life skills. This course will provide the necessary strategies, methods and resources to implement this initiative within your own school.

*Course availability may be subject to change depending on number of registrants for each course.