Doug Gellatly, Executive Director

Please contact Doug for the following areas:
  • Day to day Business Operations
  • Transfers
  • Eligibility
  • Classifications

Doug Gellatly, Executive Director, [email protected]     416-426-7438

Shamus Bourdon, Assistant Director

Please contact Shamus for the following areas:
  • Athlete Eligibility List System (AELS)
  • OFSAA Regional Events
  • Ultimate, Nordic Skiing, Badminton, Boys' Volleyball, Boys' Basketball, Boys' Soccer, Boys' Lacrosse, Boys' Rugby
  • Convenor Workshop
  • Coaching in Ontario Schools (CIOS)
  • Three Year Calendar-Championship/Festival Applications
  • Championship/Festival Entries

Shamus Bourdon, Assistant Director, [email protected]     416-426-7440

Denise Perrier, Assistant Director

Please contact Denise for the following areas:
  • Girls' Golf, Field Hockey, Snowboarding, Girls' Volleyball, Girls' Basketball, Girls' Hockey, Girl's Soccer, Girls' Rugby
  • Coaching Symposium/Women's Sport School
  • OFSAA Conference
  • Sponsorship
  • Student Leadership
  • Ophea Safety Guidelines

Denise Perrier, Assistant Director, [email protected]     416-426-7436

Pat Park, Coordinator, Communications & Marketing

Please contact Pat for the following areas:
  • Media relations and operations
  • Publications and graphic design
  • Website/Social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Advertising and marketing inquiries
  • Championship Streaming
  • Branding (OFSAA logo requests)
  • Character Athlete Award
  • Bulletin/enewsletter
  • Past Champions - Historical Record

Pat Park, Communications & Marketing Coordinator, [email protected]     416-426-7437


Beth Hubbard, Operations Coordinator

Please contact Beth for the following areas:
  • Constitution
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Transfer policy
  • OFSAA Online Store
  • Colin Hood Awards
  • Travel Grants

Beth Hubbard, Operations Coordinator, [email protected]     416-426-7439


Diana Ranken, TRY Day Coordinator

Please contact Diana for the following areas:

  • OFSAA TRY Day Program

Diana Ranken, TRY Day Coordinator, [email protected]


Brian Riddell, Sport Coordinator

Please contact Brian for the following areas:

  • Wrestling
  • Curling
  • Baseball
  • Boys' Golf

Brian Riddell, Sport Coordinator, [email protected]


Jim Barbeau, Sport Coordinator

Please contact Jim for the following areas:
  • Football
  • Alpine Skiing
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Tournament Sanctioning

Jim Barbeau, Sport Coordinator, [email protected]     613-827-1062

Tim Larry, Sport Coordinator

Please contact Tim for the following areas:
  • Cross Country Running
  • Boys' Hockey
  • Track & Field

Tim Larry, Sport Coordinator, [email protected]  

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