Coaches Teaching New Coaches

The Coaches Association of Ontario has developed a program based on Fundamental Movement Skills for teacher-coaches to pass along their knowledge to a new generation of coaches-in-training.

With the Fundamental Movement Skills - High School Kit Program, certified PHE teachers can transfer knowledge of FMS to high school students, many of whom are summer camp leaders, community centre recreation workers, and after school programs leaders, who then can pass along these essential skills to future student-athletes.

In Ontario to date 150+ schools have joined the program and over 1500 students have been trained in teaching Fundamental Movement Skills. As a result 1000s of children have received better instruction, gained improved physical literacy, and hopefully, greater athletic confidence. 


The program is affordable, sustainable, designed to fit into existing high school course structure, and provides students with a nationally recognized NCCP credit. Coaches are encouraged to use these lessons to develop future teacher-coaches and transfer these skills to the next generation of student-athletes.

For more information visit the Coaches Association of Ontario website, or click the links above for more on FMS and the Kit Program.

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