NCCP Super Clinic: September 16-18, 2011

Bill Crothers Secondary School: Unionville Ontario

Student-athletes are not the only ones getting a chance to advance their knowledge and preparation for competition at Bill Crothers Secondary School. The Coaches Association of Ontario and Bill Crothers Secondary School have joined forces on a new multi-year concept to move coach education beyond the classroom.

Ontario coaches from a variety of sports are invited to complete their National Coaching Certification Program training inside a state-of-the-art sport school - the first of its kind in Ontario.

Registration is now open for the inaugural NCCP Super Clinic from September 16-18, 2011. Prices vary per course and coaches can apply for Quest For Gold Bursaries on eligible NCCP courses.

The following NCCP courses will be offered over the course of the weekend:

Sport Specific

  • Field Hockey (Introduction to Competition)
  • Rugby: Introduction to Competition
  • Sport Coach in Athletics
  • Table Tennis (Introduction to Competition)
  • Community - Initiation for Ultimate
  • Field Hockey (Community Coach)
  • Golf (Community Sport Future Links Leader)
  • Softball (Keep Coaching)
  • Speed Skating - FUNdamental Coach
  • Softball (Learn To Coach)
  • Speed Skating - FUNdamental Leader
  • Softball (What to Coach)
  • Weightlifting: The Club Coach Certificate
  • Baseball Initiation Workshop
  • Cricket (Kanga Ball Cricket Level 1)
  • Volleyball 1
  • Badminton (Community Course)
  • Field Hockey (High School Clinic)
  • Football: Novice Coach
  • Swim 101


  • Managing Conflict
  • Leading Drug Free Sport
  • Developing Athletic Abilities
  • Psychology of Performance
  • Prevention & Recovery of Injury
  • Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Make Ethical Decisions
  • Coaching & Leading Effectively

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