Rowan's Law Day

The inaugural Rowan's Law Day was recognized on Wednesday, September 26. The day represents an opportunity to engage students, staff, coaches and parents/guardians in activities that increase awareness about concussions and to share Rowan Stringer's story.

Thanks to Rowan's Law, all sports organizations and schools in Ontario will now have new rules in place involving concussions. Our partners in sport, OPHEA, have done significant work with committees for Rowan's Law Day.

OPHEA's Rowan's Law Day Toolkit for Schools encourages students to speak up about concussions.

The toolkit includes:

*Information about Rowan Stringer and Rowan's Law Day

*A list of concussion awareness activities for school

*Printable posters

*Links to additional concussion resources

Please download the toolkit by clicking the url below:

Also, OPHEA's revised Concussion Protocol and implementation tools (Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines, Appendix C-1) and OPHEA's revised Concussion Identification, Management and Prevention for Schools 2018/19 e-Learning module, also help educators stay current with concussion safety.

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