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Officiating Clinic Subsidy

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OFSAA is offering a subsidy to students interested in completing a course to become a certified official. There is limited funding available and applications will be approved on a first come first served basis.

Courses must lead to either full or partial certification and courses MUST be endorsed/recognized by the sport’s Provincial or National Sports Body.

Subsidies will be offered to a maximum of $150 towards course fee and travel (travel will be subsidized at rate $0.33/km after 200km round trip).

Example: if you travelled 300km round trip to attend a course, you can claim 100km (300 – 200 = 100km) for reimbursement. 100Km x $0.33 = $33.00

How to Apply

  1. Students must complete the following application and have a teacher or school administrator endorse the application. Applications may be emailed or faxed to (416) 426-7317.
  2. If the application is approved, OFSAA will notify the student by email and provide them with a reimbursement form to submit following completion of the course.
  3. Following completion of course, students must submit the reimbursement form within 30 days of the course being completed and provide a photocopy of the course receipt and “certificate of completion” should one be provided.
  4. Once received, OFSAA will process a cheque for reimbursement.

Please direct any questions to Michael Suraci at (416) 426-7440.