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OFSAA Badminton 2016

May 10, 2016 | Uncategorized

Congratulations to all coaches and student-athletes on a very successful 2016 OFSAA Badminton Championship.  

Here are our medal winners!

Thank you to all who participated. It was a very successful Championship.



Men’s Singles

A Flight
Gold – Jason Ho-Shue (YRAA)
Silver – Brian Yang (YRAA)
Bronze – Tihan Hewagama (ROPSSAA)
Antique Bronze – Samson Chan (COSSA)


B Flight
Gold – Felix Lafortune-Lemieux (NCSSAA)
Silver – William Zhao (NCSSAA)
Bronze – Wil HausenBlas (NOSSA)
Antique Bronze – Henry Andkilde (SWOSSAA)


C Flight
Gold – Jeremy St-Pierre (EOSSAA)
Silver – Caleb Schmidt (COSSA)
Bronze – Victor Gao (CWOSSA)
Antique Bronze – Sean Lai-Cheong (LOSSA)



Women’s Singles

A Flight
Gold – Crystal Qu (TDCAA)
Silver – Katie Ho-Shue (YRAA)
Bronze – Talia Ng (CISAA)
Antique Bronze – Giselle Chan (YRAA)


B Flight
Gold – Ashwini Ganesh (NCSSAA)
Silver – Rita Zhu (TDCAA)
Bronze – Victoria Duong (CWOSSA)
Antique Bronze – Isabel Simmons (CWOSSA)


C Flight
Gold – Pham Mi (TDSSAA)
Silver – Georgia Guttierez (TDSSAA)
Bronze – Kiersten Hillman (GBSSA)
Antique Bronze – Anna Kramer (WOSSAA)



Men’s Doubles

A Flight
Gold – Clement Chow, Victor Chan (YRAA)
Silver – Kingsley Wu, Thomas Ho (YRAA)
Bronze – Kevin Wang, Daniel Liang (ROPSSAA)
Antique Bronze – Mikael Gaumond, Mathieu Brunet (EOSSAA)

B Flight
Gold – Caleb Parfitt, Cameron Yeates (NOSSA)
Silver – Calvin Cheung, Eric Wang (CISAA)
Bronze – Evan Falardeau, Lukas Kaufman (WOSSAA)
Antique Bronze – Brandon Liu, Jack Liu (LOSSA)

C Flight
Gold – Tim Clay, Shaun Pickering (WOSSAA)
Silver – Ryu Lien, Owen Fang (TDSSAA)
Bronze – Gabriel Pharand, Nicholas Babich (NOSSA)
Antique Bronze – Yule De La Cerna, Ethan (Yisheng) Luo (TDCAA)


Women’s Doubles

A Flight
Gold – Tammy Lai, Crystal Lai (ROPSSAA)
Silver – Michelle Pao, Christy Yam (YRAA)
Bronze – Mary Wang, Shirley Yang (YRAA)
Antique Bronze – Jessica Cai, Jenny Lei (NCSSAA)


B Flight
Gold – Christine Jing, Samantha Wong (TDSSAA)
Silver – Cindy Guo, Luna Yang (TSDDAA)
Bronze – Vibha Choudhary, Kritika Choudhary (SOSSA)
Antique Bronze – Aleema Tahir, Stephanie Huang (CWOSSA)


C Flight
Gold – Katie Li, Tiffany Sum (TDSSAA)
Silver – Amy Cheng, Isabelle Ou (EOSSAA)
Bronze – Hillary Lansfield, Carly Pearce (GHAC)
Antique Bronze – Sabrina Kong, Cassandra Lee (WOSSAA)



Mixed Doubles

A Flight
Gold – Catherine Choi, Samuel Li (YRAA)
Silver – Vania Wu, Cyrus Lo (YRAA)
Bronze – Michelle Mei, Ryan Kong (TDSSAA)
Antique Bronze – Dinu Heiyantuduwa, Madusha Gamage (NCSSAA)

B Flight
Gold – Andres Rodriguez, Maggie McCullough (WOSSAA)
Silver – Nakul Mulhotra, Hattie Osborne (CWOSSA)
Bronze – Daniel Tudor, Olivia Anderson-Clarke (TDCAA)
Antique Bronze – Grace Xu, Vincent Tan (ROPSSAA)

C Flight
Gold – Grace Reszenik, Lachlan Carmichael (TDSSAA)
Silver – Agatha Driedger, Josh Bluhm (SWOSSAA)
Bronze – Craig Morishita, Rachael Morgan (LOSSA)
Antique Bronze – Nika Gottlieb, Jack Longwell (CISAA)

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