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OFSAA seeks new Vice President

Jan 17, 2017 | Uncategorized


OFSAA is accepting nominations for the position of Vice President.  The position of Vice President is a two (2) year term followed by a two (2) year term as President, followed by a two (2) year term as Past President.  According to by-law Section 2 (a) “The incoming Vice President shall be the opposite sex to the former Vice President who shall become the President.”  OFSAA is looking for male nominations for the position of Vice President.   

Duties of the Vice President:

  • two-year term;

  • voting member of the Executive Council, the Principals’ Council and will attend the Annual Assembly meeting in April each year;

  • member of the Management Committee (meets via conference call on an as-needed basis);

  • Should attend the Representatives’ Council meeting in November;

  • Chairperson of the Future Directions Committee (two-year term) – two meetings annually;

  • Chairperson of the Committee of Principals’ Representatives (two-year term) – one meeting annually at the General Assembly in April;

  • may fill in for the President if necessary;

  • may be a member of a Board of Reference;

  • may be a member of any other ad hoc committee;

  • weekday commitment – seven days/year (maximum nine).

An Association representative, after consultation with the Association’s Principal representative may, if her/she chooses, nominate an individual for this position.  The individual must be a principal or vice principal.  Nominations including a resume must be forwarded to Beth Hubbard by Thursday February 23rd at 4 pm.

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