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VC Ultimate, the official disc source of OFSAA Ultimate

VC Ultimate is sponsoring OFSAA Ultimate with OFSAA branded discs (2) for each qualifying team. If your team would like to purchase more discs, there will be a promo code posted here for all teams to take advantage! Thank you VC Ultimate for sponsoring OFSAA Ultimate! Check them out at https://www.vcultimate.com/ or Instagram/Twitter @vcultimate 


MVMT Integrative Medicine is excited to be a sponsor of OFSAA Ultimate. 

MVMT Integrative Medicine is a multidisciplinary clinic established to  promote movement to our patients, and to our community. They provide  hands-on therapeutic treatments to improve mobility, relieve pain, and  strengthen our patients’ bodies, minds and overall health. They are located in  Markham, ON. To learn more about MVMT check out their  webstie https://www.mvmtintegrativemed.com/ OR follow them on Instagram,  Twitter and TikTok: @mvmt_med



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