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OFSAA Brief History

In 1948, OFSAA was founded without any full-time staff or a permanent office. It officially became the governing body of high school sports in Ontario in 1952, and has grown significantly over the past seven decades.

When OFSAA started in 1948, there were just six official provincial Championships for high school sports – track & field, cross country, hockey, football, basketball, and gymnastics.

Currently there are 45 Championships and Festivals contested at the OFSAA level with sports including everything from rugby to snowboarding to golf.

The growth of OFSAA over the years is also representative of the growth in population and schools in Ontario. OFSAA has expanded from seven to 18 associations, from 300 to over 900 schools, 5500 teacher-coaches to 24,000 teacher-coaches, and from 85,000 student-athletes to more than 250,000!

In 2008, OFSAA unveiled a versatile new logo in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the organization. It was the first time the logo had been redesigned since its’ inception.

It’s an ongoing history and one OFSAA is happy to share as we continue to provide education through school sport to generation after generation.


Old Logo

Old OFSAA Logo

Current Logo

Primary Logo PNG

OFSAA 75th Anniversary Logo (2023-24 School Year)

75th Anniversary Logo