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Regional Events vs Sanctioned Events

Both Regional and Sanctioned Events are authorized to be hosted within the province, however, there are key differences between the two.

Geographic: Regional vs. Provincial / Interprovincial

Regional Events must only invite schools within the host region, Sanctioned Events can be attended by schools within the province.

Student Eligibility

Regional Events do not have eligibility requirements (ex. Transfers), Sanctioned Events must consist of OFSAA eligible student-athletes.

Length of event:

Regional Events shall not be more than one day in length, Sanctioned Events can be multi-day events.


Both Regional and Sanctioned Events can host a nontraditional sport that does not currently have Championship/Festival status with OFSAA.


All Ontario tournaments that host teams from outside the province, for sports for which OFSAA has playing regulations, must be sanctioned by OFSAA.


Don’t know if your event should be a regional or sanctioned event? Please contact Erik Espinola at [email protected]