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OFSAA Alumni Scholarship Recipients 2014

Jul 31, 2014 | Uncategorized

Students in EOSSAA, ROPSSAA, and SOSSA schools applied for the Alumni scholarships this year. It is encouraging to know there are so many student-athletes in our high schools who are also involved in other aspects of school life, are active members of the community, and still maintain an excellent academic standing. Thanks to all the applicants, and all the best as you move on to a Canadian university in the fall – the decisions were difficult. The winners, pictured left to right, are Patrick Desjardins, Cassie Conboy, and Curtis Richards.

Patrick Desjardins
Throughout his years at ES Catholique Jean-Vanier in Welland, Patrick demonstrated that he was an excellent student and an exceptional athlete. He participated in almost every sport offered at the school – volleyball, basketball golf, hockey, badminton, tennis and soccer. He also directed his energy to serve on the student council, the athletic council (serving 2 years as president), and several charitable fundraisers.. Patrick assisted with the coaching of junior teams, and officiated feeder school tournaments. He felt that there was no greater sense of satisfaction than representing and competing for your school. School sport enabled him to connect with his peers, teachers, competitors and other members of the community on a whole different level. For Patrick, high school would not be complete without sports. All the best as you enter an exercise science program at university.

Cassie Conboy
Cassie, a student at Ernestown SS in Odessa, stayed active throughout high school taking part in volleyball, soccer, field hockey, badminton and softball. She contributed positively to other aspects of the school culture working with the fall leadership camp and the Grade 9 orientation program. Cassie’s eagerness, organizational skills, and easy way with peers ensured that anyone with whom she interacted was comfortable. In the community she volunteered at a pediatrician’s office, and refereed and scored for an adult volleyball league. School sport taught Cassie time management, teamwork, appreciation towards others, and gratitude for opportunities she would not have had if not for others such as coaches, officials and organizers. Cassie exemplifies OFSAA’s values of leadership, commitment, respect and equity, and we are sure she will have continued success as she studies medical science at university.

Curtis Richards
Curtis attended St. Aloysius Gonzaga SS in Mississauga. During his 4 years, he participated in football, volleyball, hockey, and track and field. As team captain he showed tremendous leadership in terms of his work ethic, responsibility, and ability, and earned the respect of his peers and coaches. Curtis was also involved in other areas of school life including several fundraisers, the house system, and the athletics club. In the community he volunteered as a boys’ soccer coach and at a hockey camp. He applied the skills he learned through sport to his academic studies also, and was on the honour roll throughout high school. To quote his coach, “ Curtis represents the ‘true ideals’ of a student-athlete”. We wish him well as he pursues a kinesiology program at university.

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In 2014-15 applications for the OFSAA Alumni Scholarships will be accepted from students in schools in TDSSAA, LOSSA, and WOSSAA. The form and the criteria can be found on the OFSAA website and must be submitted by mail or courier, and received at the OFSAA office by April 1, 2015.

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OFSAA Alumni Association
The Alumni Association is composed of retired teacher-coaches and former student-athletes, and provides them with an opportunity to stay in touch with their peers. The main goal is to provide scholarships annually for students from around the province that wish to pursue a post-secondary education in a Canadian institution. Members receive copies of the Bulletin and newsletters. An alumni golf tournament and BBQ are scheduled for Monday, September 22, 2014 in Toronto, so retirees are encouraged to join in the fun. An application can be found on the OFSAA website. Donations towards the Alumni Scholarships are welcomed from current and former teachers, and student graduates.

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