Association Representatives

CISAA Fraser Bertram [email protected]
CISAA Ashley Willis [email protected]
COSSA Brian Poste [email protected]
COSSA Leslie Creeden

[email protected]

CWOSSA Johnny Forte [email protected]
CWOSSA Pamela Robinson

[email protected]

EOSSAA Suchetan James [email protected]
EOSSAA Tammy Bovaird

[email protected]

GBSSA Steven Urbach

s[email protected]

GBSSA Val Hargreaves  [email protected]
GHAC Mark Freeman  [email protected]
GHAC Carolyn Mossey [email protected]
LOSSA Brad White [email protected]
LOSSA Linda Correia [email protected]
NCSSAA Mike Rowley [email protected]
NCSSAA Courtney Hyndman Beaulne [email protected]
NEOAA Sheldon Belanger [email protected]
NEOAA Anita Anderson [email protected]ca
NOSSA Tim Lowe [email protected]
NOSSA Kim Chezzi  [email protected]
NWOSSAA David McCallum [email protected]
NWOSSAA Jennifer Huhta [email protected]
ROPSSAA Sean McCabe s[email protected]
ROPSSAA Kelly Gouveia [email protected]
SOSSA Bob Gardiner [email protected]
SOSSA Jill Stiefelmeyer [email protected]
SWOSSAA James Clarke [email protected]
SWOSSAA Stacey Ditchfield [email protected]
TDCAA Richard Gallacher [email protected]
TDCAA Eva Roser [email protected]
TDSSAA Chris Reid  [email protected]
TDSSAA Jacquie Doggett  [email protected]
TDSSAA Alisha Hunnisett [email protected]
TDSSAA George Kourtis  [email protected]
WOSSAA Tim Clayton

[email protected]

WOSSAA Michele Van Bargen [email protected]
YRAA Shawn Morris [email protected]
YRAA Liana Williams [email protected]

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