Association Convenor Information

 Championship Entry Fees

Fee Category Amount Cheque Made Payable To:
Championships Fee (per wrestler) $ 50
OFSAA Participantion Fee (per wrestler) $ 3 OFSAA

The Entry Fees for each wrestler shall consist of a $50 Championships Fee and a $3 OFSAA Participant Fee. Association convenors, please make cheque payable to xxxxxx and the OFSAA Participant Fee cheque payable to OFSAA“.




    The forms below, with appropriate signatures are available to submit via early registration.  Coaches are encouraged to use a Google link to submit these forms online.

    Avoid onsite lineups by submitting forms using the following link: “Link – 2020 Wrestling Coach Registration” 

    Teams that fail to submit these forms will not be permitted to participate until the forms have been received.


    1.  Eligibility form from each school teacher-coach
    2.  Supervision form per school
    3.  OFSAA Rules of Behaviour per school 
    4.  Release of Liability per athlete per school 
    5.  OFSAA Practice Elgibility form per school (Coaches: Please bring this form and submit at registration when you arrive)
    6.  Student-Athlete/Parent Concussion Review Confirmation– Confirmation de l’examen de la commotion d’athlète/parent 
    7.  Coach/Trainer Concussion Review Confirmation – Confirmation de l’examen des commotions cérébrales entraîneurs/soigneurs

    Note: All concussion forms should be saved into one file.

      New!  As mandated by Rowan’s Law, every student-athlete, coach and trainer is required to confirm they have reviewed the Concussion Awareness Resource and the OFSAA Concussion Code of Conduct.  Mandatory receipt of forms with appropriate signatures confirming the resource and code have been reviewed is required in order to participate at OFSAA.  Student-athletes under the age of 18 are required to have a parent or legal guardian sign the confirmation as well.

      The Concussion Awareness Resource and Concussion Codes of Conduct can be found at the following links:


      Other Forms